Den Gamle Digegård

Sun and Summer on the south coast of Lolland. Parties and ala carte, as well as own smokehouse and tasty icecream

Party Buffet

Cold Buffet : Mix your own menu

Prices are per cover.


Marinated herring or port wine herring5.2 €
Curry herring / salad4.7 €
Shrimp with dressing and lemon7.0 €
Fresh smoked salmon with asparagus and scrambled eggs9.3 €
Hot smoked salmon with pepper7.9 €
Smoked eel with scrambled eggs9.3 €
Seafood salad with shrimp, crab, caviar, and green asparagus6.0 €
Chicken salad with bacon6.0 €
Above salads in small croissants7.4 €
Fish cakes with remoulade and lemon6.0 €
Puff pastry baked salmon with creamy spinach7.4 €
Fish fillet with remoulade and lemon6.6 €
Fried eel with lemon8.7 €
Spicy marinated turkey6.6 €
Pastries with filling of your choice7.9 €
Filet steak with soft onions and pickles7.4 €
Danish meatballs6.0 €
Liver pate with mushrooms and bacon6.0 €
Roast beef with fried onions, remoulade, and horseradish7.9 €
Rib roast with red cabbage6.6 €
Apple pork6.6 €
Honey-glazed country ham6.6 €
Mixed salad6.0 €
Fresh fruits with raw cream7.4 €
Homemade ice cream cake on request8.7 €
Cheese plate / side dish7.4 €
Fruit plate / side dish6.0 €
Prices are incl.  bread and butter as well as a beautifully set table with flowers
If you have any questions or changes, you are welcome to contact us.