Den Gamle Digegård

Sun and Summer on the south coast of Lolland. Parties and ala carte, as well as own smokehouse and tasty icecream

Main Course

Steak  with fried caramelized onions, potatoes and gravy



Digegaardens Roasted Veal beef with seasonal garnish, 2 sauces, and 2 types of potatoes, minimum 2 persons.



Wienerschnitzel with pommes sautée, “boy”( shredded horseradish, kapers and a small filet of fish) fine peas and gravy.






Den Gamle Digegaard’s Specialty:

Pan-fried eel with potatoes and parsley sauce (minimum 2 servings).

40.00€ (when in season)



Digegaardens salmon fillet, green asparagus, potatoes & Hollandaise sauce



Vegetarian dish – ask the server.


All Prices are per person
We recommend booking a table in advance, so you are sure to be able to get a table.
Allergies should be given to the staff when booking a table.